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B2B Customer Experience


Build trusted relationships with your business customers. Understand performance across every interaction of the B2B customer journey to create long-term loyalty.

Account Experience Management

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Account Experience Management

Capture feedback from key stakeholders across every touchpoint (sales, onboarding, service, delivery and more) along the B2B customer journey

Continuously monitor the health of every B2B account

Identify issues and opportunities in real time and take proactive action to save accounts at risk and increase revenue at healthy accounts

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Account Feedback Analytics

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Account Feedback Analytics

Leverage machine learning and deep analytics to identify key trends, predict churn, and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Create real-time dashboards and leverage a wide range of insights to provide visibility into the account experience and sentiment

Uncover actions account managers can take to maintain a continuous dialogue with key account stakeholders

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Integration with Sales Clouds and Service Clouds

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Integration with Sales Clouds and Service Clouds

Automate workflow-based integrations with popular CRM, sales and service clouds (e.g., Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk)

Provide a comprehensive view of account health by segment, business unit and geography

Enable service agents to manage support tickets, view customer and operational data, and learn from customer feedback

Trigger feedback requests, create follow-up cases, and close the loop with account stakeholders directly within sales and service clouds

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B2B Customer Experience Applications

Choose from a variety of applications to jumpstart experience programs designed for solidifying and maintaining business relationships. These applications come with preconfigured software and integrations based on deep industry and domain knowledge and best practices from hundreds of implementations.

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Supercharge your customer experience program


Drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey. Capture and analyze signals, predict behavior, and create experiences that keep customers wanting more.

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Build trust with every account stakeholder, create life-long relationships, and understand account health at all stages.

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Employee Experience

Create a culture of empowerment, innovation and creativity. Listen, act, and transform employee productivity and satisfaction.

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Product Experience

Develop products customers love. Understand usage, collect in-product feedback, and test concepts to build products that meet and exceed customer needs.

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