The massive consumer shift online means digital channels are often the primary way customers interact with your brand. Brands need to understand how their website meets customer needs — does it have the right information; is it easy to get what they need; is it easy to navigate? Customer feedback let’s you know whether you’re delivering excellent experiences in this digital-first moment.

The Digital Disruption Quickstart allows you to collect feedback to prioritize improvements. As customers share their in-the-moment feedback, you’ll be able to immediately identify pain points and fix them fast. 

Whether inadequate content, broken workflows, or missing online support, organizations will gain clarity into the “why” behind online behaviors and how to quickly deliver the best experiences for different consumer segments.

What’s Included:
Pre-configured, all-in-one digital solution which can be up and running as soon as 7 business days
Choose 2 of 3 pre-built forms from an always-on, an abandonment intercept, or a general intercept with ability to add 2 more forms after project launch
Text Analytics with preset topics for digital channels
Suggested actions within customer comments to identify high-impact ideas for experience improvements
With Adobe Experience Platform Launch, define experience-based segments and share feedback signals with Adobe Experience Cloud applications and 3rd-party solutions for more personalized, targeted campaigns.
Digital self-service administration training and ongoing assistance support from specialized Medallia Digital Experts
Unlimited Knowledge Center Access