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Professional Services

We meet you wherever you are in your CX journey with a flexible and tailored services offering to meet your needs and accelerate time-to-market. With a diverse team of experts in data science, change management, and program governance spanning across various industries, our CX experts have a sterling track record of 100% implementation success and one of the highest NPS® scores in the industry.

Best Practice Packages

Jumpstart your CX program with our Best Practice Packages. These packages brings together preconfigured software, best practices, and services to meet your needs with the full power of the Medallia Experience Cloud.

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Shwetha Shankar

General Manager, Professional Services

In my seven years within Medallia Professional Services, I've seen hundreds of companies across several industries make the transformation towards greater customer centricity. I find my work rewarding because I get to solve our customer's challenges in improving their customer experience - impacting hundreds of millions of people in the process. I'm proud of our 100% implementation success rate.


Medallians on the Insights team go deep. They’re here to help you make the most of your CX data to uncover actionable insights and drive real change for your customers. When you combine the power of the Medallia Experience CloudTM with all of your data — CX, operational, financial, the lot! — across every channel and journey, you’ll get to know your customers better than ever before. With this group of Medallians on your side, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make customer experience part of all your employee’s callings.

David Lambert

Global Head of Insights

My favorite moment is seeing the impact of our work as a customer myself. My fantastic team of CX strategy consultants and data scientists love data, the stories they uncover, and the impact they have. I also love the relationships I've formed with my clients over the years, and the problems that we've solved together!

Technical Support

The Technical Support team is here to empower users on their quest for great CX. We are here to help answer any questions about the platform you may have, and make sure you feel confident and knowledgeable when working with our system. We deliver an innovative and effortless support experience for all of our users. By working cross-functionally, we are able to quickly ramp up on the specifications of your implementation, and help provide the answers you need.

Rocco Cervantes

Sr. Technical Support Operations Advocate

I really like solving problems and troubleshooting issues, so working on the Technical Support team is both engaging and challenging. We are very customer-centric, and strive to ensure that our users feel empowered to use the Medallia Experience CloudTM to its full potential. I love helping our customers deliver exceptional customer experience with our product. And I have a lot of fun doing it!


Getting certified in our customer experience methodology or product configuration is a great way to increase your personal effectiveness. You’ll learn frameworks to develop an effective listening approach, engage teams, cultivate accountability, and transform your company’s culture. You’ll also gain the tactical skills to apply everything you’ve learned. Having recognized credentials from the market-leading CX company will set you apart in your organization, and in your career. Our certification in customer experience management is open to all companies, while product trainings and certifications are designed for current Medallia customers and partners.

John Abraham

General Manager, Medallia Institute

I love helping big companies stay close to their customers. I grew up in a family business where our customers and co-workers were often family friends, so I guess I'm wired to care what customers think. The best part is seeing how a focus on customers translates to the bottom line. Teams work smarter and companies adapt faster when they have feedback at their fingertips.