Prioritize the people and processes crucial to your success

Leverage experience insights to strengthen the loyalty of customers and employees alike

Create superior experiences that build brand loyalty

In a time of global supply chain shortage, it can be difficult to provide customers with the responsive, transparent experience they expect—and the high level of satisfaction needed to cement loyalty to the brand.  

Medallia helps manufacturers strengthen customer relationships by unlocking real-time experience journey insights that empower the entire organization to make the right improvements to grow satisfaction and loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle.

Create superior experiences that build brand loyalty


Manufacturing, Contact Center, and Digital—Better Together

This ebook outlines a few critical touch points across the customer journey, examines where the breakdowns occur, and recommends a new approach that helps manufacturers unlock experience insights, remove silos, and prioritize actions that improve the overall customer experience.

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Grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty

Medallia helps manufacturers build stronger relationships to retain customers and improve sales

  • Prioritize sales resources to reduce churn of at-risk account while growing and expanding healthy accounts.

  • Accelerate deal closure and increase win rates with a complete view that eliminates blindspots in customer sentiment.

  • Maximize engagement and optimize next actions with managed CRM (Salesforce) integration. 
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Increase conversions and engagement in a
digital-first world

Meet customer expectations for omnichannel excellence by empowering them with easy, effective self-service

  • Be everywhere your customers are. Collect and enrich experience data across all digital channels – web, account portal, or quote and order systems.
  • Integrate feedback from digital and non-digital channels for a unified 360° view of the customer journey.
  • Leverage experience data to reduce costs by averting calls to the contact center and increasing digital adoption.
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Experience Leaders in Manufacturing

Gain practical advice, best practices, and inspiration from some of the most innovative experience leaders in manufacturing.

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Prioritize process improvements crucial
to customer satisfaction 

As labor shortages continue to tighten operations, demonstrate you understand what matters most to customers

  • Identify systemic pain points with rich text analytics, and enable QA to determine who needs to act and how.

  • Capture real-time signals and enrich with operational data to prioritize process improvements.

  • Leverage closed-loop feedback to convert detractors to promoters.
See the 3M Case Study

Empower and retain valuable employees

Medallia helps manufacturers facilitate employee engagement to more easily identify barriers to productivity and satisfaction

  • Increase employee tenure—and first call resolution—by empowering them with direct access to customer feedback.

  • Empower employees with actionable insights through role-based reporting of democratized touchpoint feedback.

  • Assess agent and vendor performance and prioritize the best coaching opportunities to improve quality of support.
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IndustryWeek White Paper 

Research: Importance of Customer Input in New Product Development

Customer experience plays a critical role in product innovation. In a study conducted by IndustryWeek in partnership with Medallia, respondents revealed that customer input is central to making multiple decisions around the product development life cycle, including feature prioritization, roadmap trade-offs, earlier issue detection, and better management of supply-chain operations. To learn more, read the research.

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