The voice of your customers in the palm of your hand

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"Associates in every location have the information they need at their fingertips, 24/7, in an easy-to-use app. That empowers them to take action to solve member problems, and we're seeing member satisfaction scores rise as a result."



Medallia Mobile Apps

Find out how Medallia’s mobile apps puts the power to hear and respond to the voice of the customer in the palm of your hand.

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Activate Your Employees, Anywhere

Companies that make customer feedback accessible to their employees see higher customer satisfaction results and greater financial return. Medallia Mobile allows employees to listen and act on feedback, no matter where they are.

With customer experience insights at your fingertips, Medallia Mobile drives customer engagement and makes delivering great experiences a habit.

Receive Feedback Alerts

Push personal feedback and survey results from recent customer experiences to the app in real-time, so your employees can learn & adjust on the fly.

Receive Feedback Alerts
Access relevant CX Data

Access relevant CX Data

Role-based dashboards empower your employees to own the customer experience by tracking key metrics and managing performance on the go.

Respond Right Away

Reply via email or phone without leaving the Medallia Mobile app.

Respond Right Away

Help executives stay connected to your customers

Medallia Voices makes it easy for executives to get a pulse of how their customers are feeling about their brand, products and services. Swipe through the latest ‘headlines’ of customer feedback and drill down into response cards to see more details, including any activities taken
based on the feedback. You can even customize the most relevant insights for executives to see.