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Deliver unforgettable experiences to every guest, every time

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Travel & Hospitality

Deliver unforgettable experiences to every guest, every time

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Create the Best and Most Memorable Experiences Possible

Whether it’s customers, employees, or franchisees, Medallia understands they have complex and varied journeys. We can help boost NPS, increase online booking conversion, and foster employee engagement.

“Empowering our frontline employees with insights...enables our hotels to truly understand and connect with our guests, as we strive to always exceed their expectations, and create great value”


SVP of Rooms, Four Seasons

Learn how Four Seasons used Medallia to Increase NPS

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Make every stay unforgettable

Deliver personalized experiences and boost guest satisfaction through real-time insights and engagement

  • Gain a holistic view of the guest’s journey, from their first stay to return visits, uncover friction points and enable prompt service recovery in real-time.
  • Engage guests via messaging/SMS to optimize service experience during their stays
  • Test out new ideas and continuously innovate based on guest sentiments for operational improvement.
  • Manage property’s social presence by driving verified customers to leave feedback across the most popular review sites. Promptly address problematic feedback in one unified view and coordinate efforts to make things right for guests.
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Exceed guest expectations

Capture experience signals and uncover opportunities to delight your guests

  • Collect customer experience signals across any channel and combine experience data with operational data to enable a holistic view of the customer and all interactions, such as call center support and booking history.
  • Uncover insights, identify risks, and find opportunities to innovate based on customer feedback. Make decisions using real-time data and AI-based recommendations.
  • Engage and empower employees by enabling frontline agents and call center reps to provide ideas and suggestions on customer experience.

Take the passenger journey to new heights

Create an exceptional brand experience during every customer and employee interaction

  • Identify what actions will have the biggest impact on the passenger’s experience to drive loyalty and increase PRASM while uncovering opportunities to reduce CASM
  • Map real-time CX insights to the right team at the right airport to uncover opportunities for innovation while prioritizing the issues that must be resolved first
  • Enable every employee, from booking agents to contact center agents and cabin crews, to adapt on the fly and enhance the passenger’s experience in the moment
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Best Western Customer Video

Learn how Best Western relies on Medallia to gain greater visibility into hotel guest feedback and improve customer service.

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