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Medallia Athena
AI powered Experience Management
AI powered Experience Management-mobile
Medallia Athena brings powerful artificial intelligence to the Medallia Experience Cloud—detecting patterns, anticipating needs, predicting behavior, and focusing attention for smarter experience decisions.
Text Analytics
Understand the why behind the scores: uncover themes, sentiment and underlying satisfaction drivers across all your unstructured data—from survey comments to chat logs and emails—and turn every word into actionable insights.
Suggested Actions
Get action recommendations based on deep learning and automatic discovery of actionable suggestions that drive the most impact.
Risk Scoring
Identify at-risk customers and understand the drivers behind their behavior with neural network-based predictive models.
Experience Data Platform
An experience footprint of everyone
An experience footprint of everyone-mobile
Medallia synthesizes cross-channel signals to uncover the actual paths customers take and provide actionable insights for delivering better overall experiences.
An experience footprint of everyone
Experience Profiles
Combine feedback, event, action, operational, and machine data to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each customer’s experience throughout their lifecycle.
Journey Analytics
Conduct deep analytics to understand paths taken across channels and discover behavioral and experience customer segments for targeted action.
When your org changes, we change with it. Simple as that.
Medallia seamlessly adapts your experience program to match your organizational structure continuously and automatically. What does this mean? Right data. Right person. Right away.
Complex hierarchy modeling
Model any complex organizational hierarchy and route the right insight to the right employee at the right time so they can take the right action.
Flexible data permissions
Respect fine grain data permissions and access controls at any level in the hierarchy to ensure only appropriate and permissible information is shared with every user based on roles and responsibilities.
Real-time synchronization
Integrate with multiple systems of record (CRM, ERP, HCM) to dynamically synchronize any changes in organizational hierarchies and relationships in real-time.
Medallia Alchemy Design System
Interactive, responsive, accessible: meet the new standard in experience management applications
Medallia Alchemy Design System
Medallia Alchemy delivers intuitive and addictive experience management applications for discovering insights and taking action
Built for Experience Management
Medallia applications leverage our Medallia Alchemy UI components and modules, purpose-built for Experience Management, to provide a consistent and intuitive experience across web and mobile.
Enhanced User Experience
Medallia Alchemy drives user engagement through richer experiences that include interactive visualizations, tailored to different roles and user types.
Modular Technology Foundation
Easily and rapidly adopt the latest Medallia innovations for your users, made possible through Medallia Alchemy's flexible, modular architecture.
Built for control, designed for agility
Administer all aspects of your Experience Management (XM) programs at the speed of your business easily, intuitively and safely.
Program configuration
Rapidly manage change and innovation to every aspect of your experience management program—from design to emails, questions and translations—with sophisticated targeting logic, flexible conditioning and distribution.
Reporting configuration
Build rich, relevant reports and dashboards that drive employee engagement and more informed actions with customers and teammates.
Data Access and Permissions
Control data access, governance, and administrative rights, including delegated administration, to empower the right management and oversight of your experience programs.
Connect any system to Medallia and vice versa. Get a real-time, total view of the experience.
Securely bring data into and out of Medallia to get a complete picture of the customer and employee journey and integrate workflow to spur action in Medallia or external systems based on triggers from either system.
Pre-Built Integrations
Rapidly implement integrations with your sales, service, and other applications to automate key processes and get experience information into the hands of every employee.
Data Management
Automatically validate and cleanse data sent to Medallia Experience Cloud, eliminating unnecessary strain and complexity for your IT team.
Enable real-time data sharing across the enterprise so your organization can create innovative new ways to leverage experience data.
The gold standard in data protection
Protect your data at every layer and interaction with enterprise-grade controls to govern data access and the security of data across the Medallia platform.
Data access controls
Authenticate and control what information each employee or business partner is authorized to access and administer using fine-grained authorization models at the program level.
Data security controls
Leverage best in breed security measures including field-level data masking, data encryption at rest, SSL data transfer and more.
Regulatory compliance
Medallia supports a broad range of industry-based and regional data protection regulations.
Supercharge your customer experience program
Drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey. Capture and analyze signals, predict behavior, and create experiences that keep customers wanting more.
Build trust with every account stakeholder, create life-long relationships, and understand account health at all stages.
Employee Experience
Employee Experience
Create a culture of empowerment, innovation and creativity. Listen, act, and transform employee productivity and satisfaction.
Product Experience
Product Experience
Develop products customers love. Understand usage, collect in-product feedback, and test concepts to build products that meet and exceed customer needs.

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