Petco drives growth and improves the guest experience by taking action on feedback

 “We used to just be a pet store that sells products. Now we are a destination for pet parents, and that couldn’t have happened without the feedback and insights we get from tools like ‘Petco Listens.’”

Jenny Wolski

SVP, Omni-Channel Experience Petco

Petco is a health and wellness company committed to improving the lives of pets, pet parents and Petco employees. When they deliver an exceptional experience, Petco knows that their guests are happier and will come back more often, which results in great growth of their bottom line. 

When Petco launched a customer experience program with Medallia, named “Petco Listens”, their goal was to make sure that guests know that they are constantly listening because feedback is critical to their success. The Medallia platform gives them visibility into what guests are saying about their experience, and enables them to take action, such as improving the online booking system and resolving in-stock issues.

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