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The Next Step in Our AI Journey

At Experience ‘24, we revealed a bold new future for our artificial intelligence with a number of new generative AI features and enhancements. We aim for our AI to help you personalize every experience, democratize analytics further than ever before, and to do it all responsibly with compliance and privacy in mind. 


Ask any question and you shall receive

Sometimes, you just need an answer to one – or even a few – simple questions. Other times, you want to know what you've missed. Now, you can just Ask Athena — regardless of how precise your question might be — and our large language model (LLM) will surface the answer you need, using your experience data. Empower everyone to feel like a data analyst, all while saving oodles of time.


Personalized closed-loop responses in a few clicks

Ever have trouble knowing what to say? Templates too rigid for what you need? Not enough time to follow up? No more. Smart Response uses generative AI to create personalized responses to feedback using the contents of a record — in only a few clicks. Get more time back to directly engage with more people or complete other critical tasks. Responses are both editable and sent by humans, giving you control over your final responses. 


Know what went down in an interaction – fast

Stop wasting time trudging through records to understand what happened. Intelligent Summaries are automatically composed, tailored summaries of any interaction, profile, and more that include details that matter most to experience professionals — like reasons for contact, issue resolution, and customer satisfaction. Summaries are prominently displayed in records, record lists, TX profiles, and are easily shared throughout your tech stack. 


Themes get a generative AI makeover! Generative Themes help surface even more granular trends, making it easier than ever to uncover what is happening and to take action early. Save time by streamlining root cause analysis and data exploration to understand exactly what trends are being found in your data. Track themes over time and elevate them to topics to track them in your analytics topic set. 


The foundational technology that empowers action

Do you remember how long it used to take to analyze your survey data? Hours, days, sometimes even weeks! For more than a decade, text analytics has been empowering teams to understand their experience data at previously unfathomable speeds. With speech analytics, that extended to conversational and audio data. We continue to develop and enhance our existing capabilities and leverage them, even in new generative AI features. 

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