Market research experts ready when you need them

Quickly ramp up your research team with industry experts to help you solve your toughest business challenges. 

Don’t burnout your team, extend it

Maximize the efforts of your team by aligning with experts who bring decades of experience running best-in-class research programs. Our research expertise is deep in a wide range of industries, methodologies, and projects. Medallia research experts work as a true extension of your team – for single projects or long-term support. 

Flexibility at its finest

Our research experts partner with you to adopt a strategy that suits your needs and accomplishes your goals. Whether it’s providing a full service approach, support for your first DIY project launch, or stepping in to help with your ad-hoc projects, Medallia Research Services is flexible in how we support you.

Know your brand strengths and how to use them to win

Gain insight into your competitors on the most important brand health performance indicators, including awareness, familiary, consideration, and usage. Use a variety of research methods to understand your strengths and weaknesses across your competitive set for a clear view of expansion opportunities. 

Competitive Brand Health Tracking

Understand brand perceptions across your key competitors and the areas for improvement that will drive the greatest impact on your overall business.

Concept Testing

Capture feedback from key customer segments in designing brand/product concepts prior to launch to evaluate expected impact in the marketplace.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

Gain deeper understand of key customer segments with data-backed groupings based on demographic and behavioral factors.

Deliver impactful research globally

Medallia’s Research Services team has designed and executed global research efforts for some of the world’s leading brands. These projects have included both qualitative and quantitative research in more than 25 countries, with support in more than 56 languages.

  • Global Reach – We partner with local research suppliers to assist in sourcing local panels, providing focus group moderators and conducting in-person research.
  • Multilingual Technology – Medallia’s research technology allows us to run your multilingual research studies at ease. With automatic machine speech-to-text transcriptions and human translation services, Medallia’s technology is being used by clients in 150+ countries today.

Understand your competitors to deliver better experiences

Compare yourself to the competition on the most important customer and employee experience metrics related to your business. Understand how the experience leaders are driving value, and how to apply to your industry. Move beyond just insights to specific actions for driving the greatest impact – for your customers, your employees, and your bottom line.

CX / EX Benchmarking by Industry

Understand your competitive positioning as it relates to delivery value for customers or employees.

Executive Interviews

Capture feedback from senior customer segments beyond sending surveys to keep a pulse in these key relationships and drive action across the business.

Journey Mapping Workshop

Prioritize areas for focused improvement efforts and visualize impact by examining experiences from the customers’ perspective at each step of the journey.

Industry-leading research tools

We are experts in leveraging Medallia’s suite of research technology to meet your business objectives. These technologies provide an innovative approach to your research programs, allowing clients the ability to uncover deeper insights and bring the story to life.


Analyze consumer spending, foot traffic and surveys across the market and top competitors. Understand where, how, and why consumers spend their time and money so you can capture more market share.

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Medallia Video

Capture, analyze and share consumer insight video in a single platform. Automatically extract meaningful insights, so you can tell powerful stories that inspire better decision-making.

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Agile Research

Quickly and easily create beautiful, branded surveys. Use your own panel or tap into our audience of 8 million+ respondents. Analyze results in real-time so you can rapidly identify and respond to trends.

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