Case Study

How 3 Leading Brands Generated Strategic Insights Using Medallia Market Research

In this economic climate, having the right insights is critical because when the market is not expanding, consumer purchasing becomes more of a zero-sum game between a brand and its competitors. 

Therefore, the margin for error on strategies is even lower, and with profitability less certain, it is even more crucial to have the right information to launch and keep initiatives that work and discontinue ones that don't.

Across industries, our clients have leveraged Medallia Market Research to see major returns as they optimize strategies and deliver better experiences to their customers. 

Read the case study to learn:

  • How top brands are using next-gen market research to navigate the uncertainty of the past few years amid the pandemic, the shift to digital, the Great Resignation, and the economic downturn.
  • How a top convenience store brand acted upon its rapidly-changing competitive landscape.
  • How a government department rolled out new health protocols with lightning speed at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • How a software company used video research to retain more clients and drive higher NPS.