Create a Shopping Experience Customers Want to Checkout

No need to shop around
Medallia is the #1 enterprise experience platform

Medallia empowers retailers with meaningful and actionable insight from every brand interaction across the entire customer journey. 

You’ll have an active pulse on evolving consumer expectations, with intelligent tools that prioritize strategic opportunities for improvement, innovation, and personalization, so you can create exceptional shopping experiences that differentiate your brand and build loyalty.

"Medallia is our source of truth when it comes to our customers. The feedback we receive helps us meet and exceed customer expectations, day in and day out."

Kelly Helthall

Vice President of Digital Product

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Know Your Customers

Gain actionable insight about evolving consumer expectations and trends that matter

  • Identify meaningful shifts in customer expectations with comprehensive and continuous experience signal capture
  • Achieve personalization and eliminate service friction points with role based alerts and mobile customer engagement tools
  • Uncover leadership and employee coaching opportunities to improve customer satisfaction while streamlining operations at scale

Differentiate Your Brand

Fuel innovation and personalization that sets you apart

  • Prioritize strategic opportunities for improvement and innovation with AI/ML-based recommendations
  • Enhance marketing campaigns to be more targeted and impactful with segmented feedback by channel
  • Differentiate your brand and increase market share with consumer behavioral intelligence and competitive insight

Build Brand Loyalty

Capitalize on exceptional and seamless omni-channel shopping experiences

  • Drive strategic customer loyalty investments with combined sentiment and transactional data analysis
  • Increase sales with seamless operational system integrations that democratize all customer data 
  • Optimize call center operations and ensure customer service excellence with the most accurate speech and text analytics

Case Study

Dick’s Sporting Goods Acts on Real-time Feedback to Enhance the Digital Experience

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