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Create positive business outcomes by better understanding customer priorities

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Decreased bounce rates

By 50 basis points

Lowered exit rates

By 40 basis points

Increased conversions on exercise equipment in-cart

By 25% to 46%

Dick’s Sporting Goods, the largest sporting goods retail company in the United States, launched a new ecommerce platform in 2017. To expand ecommerce, DICK’S needed to capture the best customer information possible, digest it quickly, and share it with relevant teams and leadership within the organization so everyone could learn and benefit – while creating results that impacted the bottom line.

With its unwavering customer-first approach, both in-store and online, DICK’S Sporting Goods has turned to Medallia to capture digital customer insights to understand their sentiment at important moments in their Ecommerce journey including what is needed to turn shopping carts into completed purchases. Voice of the customer insights from Medallia are tied into Adobe Analytics, empowering DICK’S to make measured decisions that will drive up click-through rates (CTR) and future revenue. With Medallia, DICK’S can better understand customer priorities and journeys and take actions to optimize them to create positive business outcomes.

Learn how Dick’s was able to decrease bounce rates by 50 basis points, increase conversions, and respond to the voice of the customer by pairing Medallia for Digital with Adobe Analytics insights to understand the why behind customers’ behavior.

Miche Dwenger, VP Ecommerce Experience, Dick's Sporting Goods

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