Real-time frontline customer insights at JOANN

“We are constantly learning from our customers and looking for new ways to improve their experience.

Steve Miller

Senior VP Marketing & Ecommerce, Joann

Medallia Experience Cloud captures feedback across all channels and centralizes data from customers across all stores, online and the call center. The technology processes one customer comment every minute, giving associates the information they need to take action, and improve the customer experience.

Early results already show high engagement from Joann customers, with an initial 50% open rate and 20% survey response rates for solicited feedback. Team members are able to consistently monitor their stores’ comments, and an average 75% of actionable incidents are closed within 72 hours.

Steve Miller, Senior VP, Marketing & Ecommerce at Joann says, “To align and engage our tens of thousands of team members across the nation, we needed Medallia’s powerful platform that offered a holistic view of the customer experience, as well as the ability to easily see, drill down and take action on specific incidents.”

Miller noted that Joann recently launched a new concept store, which features new experiential offerings, merchandising and custom services, “and getting clear feedback on those changes will help determine how we move forward.”

Source: Chain Store Age, Joann collects customer feedback—in real time

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