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The UK’s largest travel company is using a software as a service application from Silicon Valley firm Medallia to empower store managers by better understanding customer sentiment and to take quick action.

Early results show a 30% increase in customer response rates.

The company believes this is due to the more accessible design by Medallia and by creating a strong first survey question.

In addition, 93% of respondents leave feedback comments at the end of the survey, providing first-hand perspective on the customer experience.

The initiative will allow Tui to will reward and incentivise store managers and staff for positive customer feedback.

Tui tests potential features for new stores by using Medallia to run real-world tests on specific customer segments.

Customer experience senior leader, Brian Pressey, added: “We’re so excited to use the Medallia Voices mobile app.  I personally check the app multiple times a day, and we’ve introduced the app to all of our board directors and senior leaders within the organisation to ensure they’re always only a click away from the real voice of the customer.”

Source: Travolution, Tui deploys real-time customer feedback tech across all its UK locations

Helen Caron UK and Ireland Distribution and Cruise Director TUI

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