Holiday Inn Club Vacations leverages fast, actionable feedback to safely reopen resorts

"Listening to the voice of our guests/owners has enabled us to take swift, meaningful action in these unpredictable times. There was no road map to a world-wide pandemic and their input gave us confidence in our next steps."

Nicole Myers

Vice President, Customer Experience Holiday Inn Club Vacations

The global health crisis of COVID-19 hit the travel and hospitality industries particularly hard in 2020. Like other vacation clubs and hotels, Holiday Inn Club Vacations® had to close 29 resorts in March 2020. There was no playbook to consult for a situation like this one. The Club had to find a way to discover how its members and owners were feeling about travel and safety and what they might be expecting once they arrived at a resort.

In addition, there were no set regulatory guidelines or actions in place. So, the company had to understand emerging rules, mandates, and guidelines at the city, state, county, and federal level for each of the resorts.

Using a variety of Medallia solutions, Holiday Inn Club Vacations leaned into customer feedback, proving that voice-of-customer driven improvements can result in enjoyable and safe vacations even in these uncharted times.

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