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With the pandemic changing the way in which pharma sales teams engage with healthcare providers (HCPs), organizations are rethinking to deliver superior and more relevant experiences beyond just face-to-face interactions. By engaging with HCPs on their terms and across their channels of choice, sales teams can deepen relationships with HCPs to improve patient outcomes and drive additional growth.

Delivering a seamless and positive customer experience starts with the sales team. In fact physicians prescribe more products from companies that deliver a positive experience than from companies that deliver a negative experience.

By leveraging industry leading experience management capabilities, Medallia will partner with you to design and implement an effective, scalable program with measurable outcomes. The Medallia Pharma HCP Experience Suite enables pharma sales teams to engage HCPs at key moments during the journey by gathering instantaneous feedback (solicited and unsolicited) across all channels, surface insights to the appropriate teams, and provide recommended actions for a better HCP experience.

What’s Included:

  • Real-time feedback mechanism for capturing consumer and patient experiences throughout the entire journey, whether in app, digital or over the phone. 
  • Speech analytics to surface insights from every conversation, combine with other channels for a complete HCP view to address painpoints in real time.
  • Digital engagement and analytics solution to enrich real-time experiences by cutting through noise to prioritize and address what matters most.
  • Video communication platform to prioritize HCP and patient needs by providing HCPs an opportunity to leave feedback throughout the process.

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