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Predictive NPS by Gemseek

Predict satisfaction scores for customers who don’t respond to surveys and grow revenue through targeted actions

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The most effective retention, upsell or referral activation efforts are personalized for each individual customer and take into consideration their unique experience. But targeted campaigns are not scalable if only around 12% of customers* respond to NPS surveys.
Predictive NPS allows you to retain or upsell more customers more effectively and successfully by giving you an accurate prediction of their NPS score.

Use case 1: Retain customers proactively
Customers who give 0s and 1s on their LTR and transaction NPS surveys are 70%** more likely to churn voluntarily than the rest. Targeted retention campaigns prove to be very successful in treating these customers, but they are also limited to the small portion of customers who actually respond to surveys.
Predictive NPS allows you to identify unhappy clients based on other available data (usage, product, call centre information) and act before it’s too late.
Retain more potential voluntary churners and make a business impact by improving their experience.

Use case 2: Enhance customer satisfaction
We have heard endless number of times the “Focus on the customer” mantra. Customers’ satisfaction has a strong positive correlation with customer lifetime value, brand loyalty, average basket size, repurchase rates, average price, etc. However, improving individual customer experience is not easy if customers do not respond to CX surveys.
Predictive NPS gives you an accurate measure of satisfaction for 100% of your customer base. It allows you to identify who your Detractors are, even if they have not explicitly stated so, and improve their experience with your brand. Further, it makes it possible to see who the Passives are- the low-hanging fruit, and be able to convert them into value-added Promoters.

Use case 3: Activate more referrals through “Bring-a-friend” campaigns
Your Promoters (9s and 10s) are your most loyal customers who are also very likely to recommend your brand to others.
Strong positive experiences (like a successful help interaction with a call center agent) are the main drivers behind member-gets-member referrals. As not all customers are filling transaction NPS surveys, companies are often unaware of the direct impact of their customers’ transaction-specific experiences.
Identify your likely promoters as close to the moment of truth as possible when they are most likely to recommend your brand. Harness the power of right timing to increase the likelihood of referral prompts to succeed and increase organic revenue growth.

*Average response rate across industries
**Figure based on actual GemSeek projects completed in UK, Germany and Switzerland across a variety of industries

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