Frontline workers are often the only human interaction a company has with their customers, which makes them a secret weapon when it comes to delivering on brand experience, identifying trending issues, recovering customers, and even driving new business. With Medallia’s Closed Loop Service Experience for Salesforce, the outside-in view of the customer can be unified with Salesforce data to ensure that service center representatives understand each customer, drive customer loyalty, and improve business outcomes while maximizing your investment in the Salesforce platform by improving training, coaching, and agent performance.

Agents have access to all feedback from the customer while working every case in Service Cloud, enabling them to tailor each experience and proactively meet the customers’ needs.

What’s Included:
Event-driven feedback management
Embedded Voice of the Customer in the 360-degree view of the contact and account
Automated inner closed loop feedback actions
Embedded experience insights
Text Analytics for actionable insights into what customers are talking about
Bi-Directional integration with Salesforce Service Cloud for outer closed loop feedback actions