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Deloitte HX TrustID powered by Medallia

Deloitte HX TrustID powered by Medallia can help you quantify trust, predict its impacts on key customer & employee behaviors, and help translate insights into actions.

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Trust is an essential bond that underpins the relationships that every organization has with all the humans in its ecosystem—customers, employees and partners.

Past metrics and tools only go so far to measure the dimensions of trust and translate them to impactful change. That’s where HX TrustID from Deloitte Digital comes in. Within the Medallia interface, you can easily add the HX TrustID questions to your surveys and access a full suite of tools, accelerators and dashboards based on our proven methodology.

Your ability to elevate human experiences depends on trust. By consistently linking your intent—what you believe—with your competence—what you say and do—you can develop resilient emotional bonds with the humans that your organization touches. Those bonds have a direct relation to customer loyalty and employee motivation—the most powerful drivers of growth and efficiency.

What's Included:

Our Medallia integrations help you rapidly integrate Deloitte HX TrustID signals with other customer satisfaction metrics and tools built into the platform. And our flexible set of tools and metrics allow you to adapt what and how you measure to fit the scope of your ambition and the specifics of your requirements

  • Choose your questions—measure 4 signals, 16 attributes, 5-10 behaviors
  • Choose your segments—engage recent customers, noncustomers and/or employees
  • Choose your channels—incorporate email, web / mobile and/or contact center
  • Choose additional inputs—combine past survey data, qualitative research and/or social scraping

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