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Employee Ideas

Tap into the wisdom of employees to create better customer and employee experiences

"We are now able to improve continuously. Every day, ideas go from the frontline to the product department. Every day, 365 days a year, we are solving customer problems."

Jeroen van Deurzen, Customer Experience Strategy, ABN Amro


Accelerating Corporate Innovation with Medallia Ideas

Learn how ABN Amro has broken the mold to create a customer-centric organization in banking. With Medallia, they capture customer ideas via frontline employees and turn them into innovations to improve the business.

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Ideas. Insights. Inspiration.

Leverage employees to identify critical customer issues before they show up in customer feedback. Listen to employees and understand what’s important to them to drive employee happiness and satisfaction. With Employee Ideas you’ll get better at meeting customer needs, empowering employees, and driving creativity and innovation.


Employees as Your Early Radar

Use employee insights to understand customer experience in the moment and how to address emerging issues quickly.

Employee using Innovation Feature to show impact on customer experience

Employee Experience Innovation Pipeline

Get ideas on how to improve employee experience directly from employees anytime.


Idea Management and Tracking

Capture and track ideas by department, location, category, and impact over time.


Collaboration Up and Down the Organization

Review, resolve, and escalate ideas within and across local and corporate teams.


Ideas Embedded Everywhere

Easily add idea collection across web, mobile, and internal systems.

Power to innovate across thousands of ideas

See what you can do with Medallia Employee Experience

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