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Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) for Google Marketing Platform

Bolster segmentation analysis and experimentation with digital experience analytics

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Google Analytics shows you what activity happens on your website and apps – but is not why visitors do what they do. It also provides incredible insights via charts, tables, and trends of your visitor traffic – but does not provide the additional layer of experience intelligence needed for a more in-depth view of the user experience. Whether you analyzing your visitor traffic or running a new experiment, segment overlays with session replays, heatmaps, and forms are not possible.

With the Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) for Google Marketing Platform connector, you can answer the following questions that you cannot with data analytics alone:

  • What is causing the high bounce rate for first-time visitors on your homepage?
  • Why is traffic from your ad campaigns not converting?
  • What is causing your visitors frustration along the user journey?

What’s Included:

  • Bidirectional connector for Google Analytics, Optimize, and Tag Manager with one-click configuration
  • Apply imported Google Analytics segments to every report within Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), including Session Replays, Discover Reports, Journeys, Heatmaps and Form Analytics
  • Layer Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)'s behavioral and experience data for further segmentation
  • Automatically view retroactive behavioral trends of newly imported segments over time
  • Access Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) Session Replays from within Google Analytics
  • All Session IDs become links which when clicked, will take you to the relevant Session Replay for that session
  • View visualizations of the actual experiences users are having on your website and app
  • Connect Google Optimize with Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) for insights into Google Optimize experiments using Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) features, such as segments and heat maps
  • Once the Google Optimize data connector is enabled, Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) will automatically capture information on Google Optimize session experiments
  • Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) integrates with Google Tag Manager for easier deployment across Google Marketing Platform

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