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Combine CRM and CX to create a true 360-degree view of your account relationships

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Having a complete understanding of your account relationships requires a combination of operational, transactional and experience data. For many organizations this information is separated between their CRM and CX platforms, creating inefficient or even inaccurate account insights.

Medallia for Salesforce provides a pre-configured bi-directional integration with Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to power combined customer data insights and drive closed-loop feedback actions.

What’s Included:

  • Targeted invitation management -- add or remove key decision makers and influencers from the Salesforce Account record to control the Medallia invitation list for feedback campaigns
  • Event-driven feedback management -- pre-built automation rules that automatically trigger invitations based on key events in Salesforce
  • Push notifications -- alert account team members or executives through direct notifications in Salesforce, via Chatter, or through email when key stakeholders provide feedback
  • Embedded experience insights -- provide Salesforce users with visualizations of aggregated results and individual feedback details accessible on the Account record, as well as through custom reports & dashboards
  • Automated closed-loop feedback actions -- assign follow-up cases in Salesforce based on feedback response rules configured in Medallia

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