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Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) for Adobe Experience Cloud

Drive advanced customer experience insights, trend analysis, and targeting with digital experience data

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Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) allows Adobe customers access to our behavioral Experience Data, including the Digital Experience Score (DXS®), that quantifies the online customer journey. Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) provides insight beyond traditional metrics like clicks, bounce rate and conversions to understand the “why” behind customer digital behavior. Our data insights, coupled with the Adobe Experience Cloud suite, allows segmentation, retargeting and personalization strategies to take on a whole new meaning. Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) uses machine learning to uncover poor digital experiences that typically go unnoticed and reveal why they happened. Pull segments created in Adobe into Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) and apply them to every platform tool, including Session Replays, Journeys, Heatmaps and Form Analytics. Additionally, you can access Replays from inside Adobe Analytics to view the actual experiences behind your analytics trends.

What's Included

  • Get insights to determine reasons behind form, cart, and journey dropout. Access quantifiable experience metrics for DXS segment analysis in Adobe Analytics.
  • Allow Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) to be deployed on your web properties quickly and seamlessly using Adobe Launch. Additional advanced configurations are available through Digital Experience Analytics (DXA).
  • Activate cross-channel audiences with experience metrics in Adobe Audience Manager. Share DXS segments with Campaign Manager for remarketing and Ad Cloud for off site retargeting.
  • Test smarter in Adobe Target. Detect, prioritize, and fix more issues on your website using DXS and analytics segments created from Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) for on site personalization.

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