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Quickstart Customer Micropulse

Capture in the moment video, audio or text feedback

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Staying connected with customers in today’s digital world has been challenging. The current environment coupled with changing customer expectations have dramatically accelerated the use of interactive communication vehicles, such as video and text.

How organizations engage with their customers today will impact consumer buying behavior tomorrow. That’s why organizations need to demonstrate their ability to quickly respond to their customers’ needs.

The Quickstart Customer Micropulse solution combines speed with ease and intelligence to bring you the clearest picture of how your customers are doing in the moment. By giving your customers the flexibility to provide feedback via video, audio and text, you will be able to capture more meaningful and actionable customer insights. With a simple and intuitive dashboard, you’ll be able to harness immediate and invaluable insights to understand how your customers are feeling to deliver them the experience they deserve.

What’s Included:

  • An annual license for: Quickstart Edition Base License, Quickstart Solution: Customer Micropulse, Basic Technical Support, One Navigator License
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Up to 10 users
  • One Feeded OR feedless web survey with manual upload file limited to ~17 fields
  • Admin Suite access for user management only
  • One pre-configured user role with pre-defined reporting
  • Text Analytics (with approx 15 pre-built topics)
  • One static unit
  • Unlimited Knowledge Center access

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