Capture feedback from every experience

Every customer and employee pulse — collect it anywhere in the journey, as it happens

Personalize Every Aspect of a Survey to Set Your Brand Apart

Enable everyone — from customers and employees to partners — to share feedback regarding your brand. Leverage web-based surveys capabilities via email, mobile, IVR on your web properties or via messaging (such as SMS and WhatsApp) — anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Customize and personalize survey questions, design, translations, and more with sophisticated built-in targeting logic, conditioning, and distribution. Increase response rates by sending out quick feedback touchpoints that require minimal effort and time. Medallia enables the broadest native feedback collection for complete, continuous and modern listening.






“We know that if we don’t take feedback from customers and react to that in the moment and over time, the customers have choices and they choose every day who they want to do business with.”



Collect Insightful, Direct Feedback from Sophisticated Surveys

Listen everywhere it matters by going beyond traditional surveys to fully understand your customers. Enable customers and employees to submit feedback regarding your brand using web-based survey capabilities — anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Customize design, questions in multiple languages with translations, and more, all while providing sophisticated targeting logic, conditioning, and distribution. 

Gain richer insights by capturing emotion in the voices of your customers and employees by adding an option for video capture. Analyze every second of the video transcript to identify sentiment, emotion, predict customer NPS®, and automatically extract meaningful insights so you can get to the heart of what people care about.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Reach Every Audience and Device with Survey-Based Messaging

Medallia’s survey-based messaging enables real-time interactions with your customers through popular messaging channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Go one step further and deliver timely, useful content via messaging to increase feedback response rates and create stronger relationships.

Capitalize on One-Time Events with Ad-Hoc Surveys 

Confidently build and run point-in-time surveys to dive deeper on certain topics or gain additional clarity on feedback from existing experience programs. Ensure brand consistency, even when creating one-time surveys for net-new touchpoints. Then, leverage text analytics on ad-hoc surveys with out-of-the-box reporting to conveniently view insights and survey results.

Test New Ideas Quickly without Creating New Survey Programs

If your team needs reactions to a particular pilot program or a decision-making topic instantly, Medallia enables adding temporary questions to existing surveys and testing out new concepts within minutes. With Medallia’s Ask Now, you can easily gather point-in-time feedback before launching or making investment decisions.

Quickly know if new ideas will pay off with integrated A/B Testing and make commitments based on out-of-the-box reporting, insights, and survey results.

Keep Survey Selection Bias in Check with Smart Sampling

Collect and analyze the right feedback by prioritizing touch points. Manage quotas by segment, automatic recognition of opt-outs, setting volume limits, and automatic weighting of your feedback data with Medallia’s Smart Sample. 

Smart Sample ensures that you get the most complete understanding of your data so it can be more or less generalized to your customer base and mitigate selection bias. This means more accurate insights on more of your customers and employees.

Effortlessly Eliminate Exaggerated Survey Responses and Stop Survey Gaming In Its Tracks

Maintain strong, credible programs by identifying potential gaming behavior in parts of the business so that necessary action can be taken before the entire program is impacted.

Medallia’s Anti-Cheating Engine’s fraud scores are calculated by aggregating all of the different variables (such as geo-location, cookies, deviation from scores, and use of proxy servers) to identify suspicious surveys and flag them for review or removal based on predefined scoring rules.

Confidently Manage Ongoing Feedback Programs at Scale

Measure CX and EX at scale to deliver insights and drive action across your organization all in one unified interface. Monitor response rates by feedback method – including device and browser type – to optimize response rates and ensure that customers and employees have frictionless feedback experiences. Understand the impact of every change so that you can iterate quickly, drive accountability, and ensure existing programs are still relevant as your business evolves.