Now you can manage customer experience using ServiceNow and drive further action across your entire organization. Alerts and signals from Medallia Experience Cloud create new cases and incidents in ServiceNow with priority and severity preset, in real-time, so experience issues can be triaged and assigned to the correct team, and company-wide response deadlines and SLAs can be met. Notes reflect all relevant experience metadata including channel, product, and touchpoint so root causes can be uncovered. When cases and incidents are closed in ServiceNow, experience resolution data is available in Medallia, keeping users of both systems on the same page.

Further automation allows customer invites to be triggered in Medallia when cases or incidents are closed in ServiceNow. Subsequent low scores on resolution success result in follow-up cases created in ServiceNow.

What’s Included:
Secure authentication from Medallia Experience Cloud to ServiceNow
Real-time ServiceNow case creation from Medallia alerts
Automated synchronization of case/incident closure between ServiceNow and Medallia
Feedback outreach triggers in Medallia after ServiceNow cases/incidents are closed