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Increase loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction at scale.

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Digital Professionals

Increase loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction at scale.

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Drive Better Online Experiences with Direct Feedback & Digital Analytics

Achieve 360° visibility into online experiences at scale. 

The Medallia Digital Suite provides the industry’s most comprehensive dataset for understanding the customer and employee experience and is the only platform that combines actionable user feedback metrics with complete behavioral data to help organizations understand and optimize digital experiences in real time. 

Capturing direct feedback across channels gives your team a direct line to the voice of customer. Then layer on digital experience analytics to uncover the “why” behind feedback and improve overall experience.

Delivering flawless online experiences has never been this easy.

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Understand Digital Experiences At Scale

  • Get to the root cause of issues faster with by leveraging forensic tools such as session replay, heat maps, and customer journeys
  • Prioritize urgent issues impacting online experiences with feedback, experience data, text analytics, and advanced reporting 
  • Unify feedback and experience data across channels to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in key journeys across website & apps

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Quantify Every Digital Experience

  • Leverage DXS, the world’s first metric for scoring CX, to automatically analyze every online experience while uncovering actionable insights 
  • Make data-driven decisions to increase ROI with 5 key experience scores: Form, Technical, Navigation, Frustration, and Engagement 
  • Combine DXS and key feedback metrics like NPS to measure CX at the individual & aggregate level for full visibility into customer experience

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Uncover the “Why” Behind Digital Behaviors

  • Analyze feedback using forensic tools such as session replays to deliver personalized digital experiences at scale 
  • Identify the text, imagery, and design that drives the highest attention & replicate success across all channels 
  • Take immediate action to resolve points of friction using visualization tools such as heatmaps

Engage Online Customers In-the-Moment

  • Engage in-the-moment with strategic feedback checks based on experience quality and behavioral data
  • Use real-time behavioral insights to trigger actions & engage visitors when it matters most 
  • Take next-best-actions with AI-powered data mapping & automatic alerting across your team

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Personalize Every Digital Experience

  • Enrich your analytic and A/B testing tools with seamless integrations for improved segmentation & personalization
  • Aggregate & unify data to conduct behavioral and journey analysis across segments and channels 
  • Capture omni-channel data, blending behavioral signals, experience analytics, and feedback to personalize interactions

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