November 12, 2013

Medallia Expands Offering for Business-to-Business Companies With 360-Degree Account Management Reporting

Additional enhancements, including CRM integration, closed-loop workflows and revenue impact analysis, also showcased in new release

PALO ALTO, California, November 12, 2013 — Medallia® ( the global leader in SaaS Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, today announced a new release of its Business-to-Business (B2B) offering. The release is designed to increase key stakeholders’ visibility into account feedback across B2B organizations so they can improve the customer experience.

“We are very excited to expand our B2B offering,” said Borge Hald, CEO of Medallia. “We have worked closely with some of our customers to develop these new features and capabilities. Our B2B customers will now be even more effective at improving the customer experience and thereby further increasing retention and growth.”

The expanded B2B offering, built on the massively scalable Medallia CEM solution, offers the following enhancements that will benefit everyone from executives and managers, to frontline analysts, call center agents and sales reps:

  • Account Reporting: New 360-degree account reports combine transactional and relationship feedback across the full customer journey showing a complete view of account health. Users can track progress against goals, drill into issues to determine root causes, and trigger workflows right from the reports.
  • Invitation and Response Management: With updates to the invitation and response management module, users can now improve response rates, optimize the mix of responses, and mitigate over-surveying. Updated features include new, sophisticated dashboards, as well as functionality to better manage invitations, track non-respondents and trigger automated survey reminders.
  • Closed-Loop Workflows: With new closed-loop workflow features, users can easily: reassign cases to other team members; subscribe to cases so they’re copied every time there’s an update; set up automatic alerts and case follow-up reminders; and manage recovery and improvement actions through an activity log.
  • CRM Integration: Medallia now automatically links alerts and closed-loop management data to and other CRM applications. With this out-of-the-box integration, which displays key results and dashboards in both your CRM and Medallia applications, users can switch seamlessly between systems without missing important information.
  • Revenue Impact Analysis: Medallia can now automatically integrate with financial systems to capture and track the revenue impact of loyalty for different customer segments and individuals. The system automatically triggers alerts when account revenue is at non-renewal risk so teams know which actions will most impact spend.
  • Mobile Features: New features push alerts right to the iPhone® or Android™ mobile devices of on-the-go business teams, so they can easily the close the loop with one-click callbacks and pre-built, editable response templates.

“Enabling account teams to effortlessly identify which customers are successful – and why – is critical for retention and cross-selling,” said Steve Bernstein, Principal Consultant with Waypoint Group. “Medallia’s new capabilities provide a direct line-of-sight into the health of B2B accounts, where multiple people are involved in buying decisions, so sales and services teams can take the right actions to strengthen retention and accelerate growth.”

Download the Medallia B2B Playbook for examples of how Business-to-Business companies are using Medallia to improve their customer experience. For further inquiries on Medallia’s B2B offering or to see a demo, please contact us at