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Turn experiences into your competitive advantage

It’s harder and harder to differentiate on product performance – winning companies are increasingly competing on customer experience. Become easier to do business with, a better partner, and more valuable by enhancing your customer experience delivery.

Best Practice Package for B2B

Get a best-in-class B2B CX program. Jumpstart your CX program with our Best Practice Package for B2B. This package brings together pre-configured CEM software, best practices, and services that meet your needs.

Get a 360° View of the Customer Experience

Working with a diverse set of clients can make it more difficult to see the big picture — understand your CX better with holistic views of the critical customer interaction points that define your relationship with clients.

Stay Connected and Resolve Issues Rapidly

Whether you’re preparing for the next meeting or performing a routine service, show up with your a-game. With Medallia Mobile you can keep a pulse on the health of your accounts and get notified when new issues arise. Respond immediately and recover at-risk clients anytime, anywhere.

Drive CX Improvements from First Meeting to Renewal

Interactions within your accounts can be complex. Medallia makes sense of them, so you can prioritize the most important improvements and find cross/upsell opportunities. With Medallia Experience CloudTM you can analyze your client experience to target opportunities by geography, product line, journey, interaction channel, client role, account team, and more.

Integrated CX Management

Use a single platform that consolidates feedback and insights and coordinates actions across all levels of the organization to drive leads, win new accounts, retain customers, and increase upsell opportunities.

Unique Reporting Experiences for Every Role

Medallia routes the right information to each individual team member through custom workflows, web dashboards, and analysis modules that are flexible enough to account for organizational change like staff turnover, acquisitions, and staff realignment.

Prioritize the Most Critical Opportunities

B2B accounts are complex relationships with numerous stakeholders, contracts, and interactions. Medallia helps you make sense of this, so you can effectively manage your time and resources. With Medallia Experience Cloud, you can analyze your client experience to prioritize accounts based on churn risk, buyer segmentation, financial impact, renewal dates and more.


Top 5 Principles of B2B

Learn how to build quality B2B relationships by adhering to these 5 core principles


"With the benefit of data insights and specific customer feedback, we’ve been able to galvanize the entire company around a strategy and product roadmap that meets the demands of our customers."

Dave Berman
President, RingCentral

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