Organizational Hierarchy Management

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“Medallia is hardwired into our organization, providing visibility into thousands of daily interactions”


Medallia Experience Cloud provides powerful capabilities to keep experience data in sync with your continually evolving organizational structure. Medallia Org Sync ensures that every employee gets an accurate view of the data tailored to their role and relevant to the customer interactions for their area of responsibility.

Flexible Reporting and Alerts

Define reporting and alerts in ways that make sense for your business—e.g., geographic regions, individual locations, product lines, team-based, or hybrid hierarchies.

Flexible Reporting and Alerts
Dynamic Data Mapping

Dynamic Data Mapping

Automatically map experience data to organizational changes, with the ability to define how to treat historical results for reporting against experience metrics and objectives.

Fast and Accurate Results – at Scale

Get experience data and alerts into the hands of employees in real-time through Medallia’s in-memory analytics engine, instantaneously managing millions of experience interactions and signals, and distributing information to any number of employees.

Fast and Accurate Results – at Scale

Comprehensive Data Privacy and Security

Create and enforce data privacy and security rules, including field-level masking of sensitive information based on user, and role and hierarchy permissions.


Exciting new ways to analyze your data in Medallia

Learn how Medallia Experience Cloud provides powerful data visualizations, including organizational hierarchy mapping.

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