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T-Mobile capitalizes on real-time feedback in the age of immediacy

Total revenue, up 4% year over year


Users with role specific dashboards


NPS improvement in four years

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On a mission to “Change wireless for good,” T-Mobile overhauled its approach to customer care using a Team of Experts model. In common with most providers at the time, T-Mobile had been using IVR, an automated system with lengthy audio menus and pre-recorded help messages. Inbound calls were assigned at random to thousands of care agents, with the key success metric being reduced call duration, since shorter calls were seen to represent lower cost. Customers gave feedback that while the care agents expressed concern and interest in solving their problems, they weren’t equipped with the information or power to do so, often resulting in several transfers or repeat calls for the same problem.

T-Mobile set in motion a bold new approach: to prioritize customer satisfaction over cost as the key indicator of performance, not only in the customer care department but throughout the entire enterprise. Ultimately, the goal was to develop such excellent systems, services, products, and procedures that customers wouldn’t need to call in the first place. But when they did have to call, the care team pivoted to a new focus on listening intently to customers, acknowledging and deeply understanding their pain points, and with the goal of resolving the customer issue on the first call.

Using various solutions, including Medallia Conversations’ intelligent two-way SMS & Text Analytics, T-Mobile is able to close the loop with clients and reduce the likelihood of customer churn.

Denise Vidal Sr. Director, Frontline & Customer Experience T-Mobile

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