Case Study

How T-Mobile improves employee and customer experiences through crowdsourcing ideas

T-Mobile is "The Un-carrier", changing the rules of mobile telecom and adopting a customer-first approach to business. The result is America's fastest-growing consumer wireless company and a leading contender for first place in the enterprise wireless market.

Great ideas for improving customer experience often come from the frontline workers who are closest to customers. Their input helps identify pain points worth solving, encourages employee engagement, and fosters a supportive and innovative work culture. T-Mobile has been partnering with Medallia for more than seven years to hear the voice of the customer in real-time, drive customer-centric actions, and "Change wireless for good." Following their success with Medallia Experience Cloud, and the desire for more engagement from frontline employees, T-Mobile deployed Medallia Ideas, and the idea collaboration program known as "T-Action" came to life.

Read the case study and find out how T-Mobile received more than 3,000 ideas, ranging from small things that can be fixed in a day to multi-year projects, making over 800 experience improvements to their business.