Multi-channel feedback collection drives customer happiness and loyalty

The Challenge
Prior to deploying Medallia, Cox collected feedback from only a subset of its primary channels. Each channel used its own survey method and rating scale, making it difficult to compare or benchmark experience metrics and identify key trends.

Without reliable cross-channel data, the company had anecdotal stories related to the VOC, but it did not have the facts. And without the facts, leaders made decisions based on hunches and periodic market research.

The Solution

Today Cox collects feedback across multiple business areas, including call centers, field services, retail stores, and the web channel. The program also has an employee NPS measurement and is expanding to include Cox Business Group (Cox’s B2B division) NPS program as well as several other customer touchpoints.

With role-specific dashboards, each functional area —say, a field services associate or a retail store or regional manager— can check the CX vital signs pertinent to that group. Cox also created a Closed-Loop Feedback team that uses Medallia’s alerting system to follow up with and rescue detractors.

Cox also uses the Text Analytics solution to identify key channel-specific customer pain points that impact loyalty. Text Analytics mines open-text feedback and prioritizes themes according to their impact on NPS. With this data, business-area leaders are able to identify pain points confidently at a granular level, making it clear which areas are impacting loyalty.

The Results

Success reducing churn through closed-loop feedback

Cox created a centralized Closed-Loop Feedback team to manage issue resolution and follow up with detractors. The new CLF team:

  • Closes alerts 47% faster than the previous method
  • Closes 100% of alerts
  • Has contributed to significantly reducing churn

Success demonstrating business impact

  • Cox found that detractors churn 2.5 times more than promoters and passives
  • Using a combination of Medallia’s Text Analytics, NPS, and churn, Cox has determined the top ten pain points for its customers. The Process Improvement team is now actively engaging in projects to reduce pain points based on this analysis.

Success improving customer experience across channels

In the first 18 months after rolling out its NPS program:

  • The NPS for field services, tech support, and account services each improved 9 points
  • The NPS for each of Cox’s six regions increased an average of 11 points

Source: Case Study, Cox Communications: Wiring the VoC into the Organization

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