How customer centricity helps boost revenue and loyalty at PŸUR

"Customer-centricity is engraved in our DNA here at PŸUR, and we want to do whatever we can to better support our customers and employees."

Carsten Hilbers

Director of Customer Experience, Customer Journey Management & Digital Self-Service, PŸUR

PŸUR is the third largest operator in the German cable network market, with over 3 million homes connected across Germany. The company's customer experience (CX) transformation has evolved in a dynamic market environment. This includes rising customer expectations, interchangeability of products, easy product comparability, and market dynamics and consolidations within the competition. These factors have driven the need for a greater focus on the customer and the differentiation of products and services.

As a customer-centric company, PŸUR partnered with Medallia to increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and identify areas of improvement within the business. According to Carsten Hilbers, Director of Customer Experience, Customer Journey Management & Digital Self-Service at PŸUR:

"We chose Medallia because of the sophisticated text analytics capabilities. We knew that having deeper insights and understanding what's important to our customers would be incredibly powerful."

By harnessing the power of Medallia and a set of thoughtful CX transformation strategies, PŸUR aimed to digitize and optimize the customer experience. The company also made an effort to ensure that customer centricity was a key focus across the entire organization, with the goal to:

* Increase brand identification and employee engagement.

* Improve customer centricity, particularly within customer touchpoints.

* Align the brand image and communication both internally and externally.

* Inspire behavior regarding relevant Business KPIs and engage employees with ludic learning activities as best practice sharing.

Communication and Continuous Improvement Drive Success

Communication played a crucial role in PŸUR's successful CX transformation. Linking individual and process improvements through their customer feedback program was also extremely valuable. For example, changing how callbacks to customers with open requests are handled, and closing those requests, reduced churn rates by almost 45%. Working cross-functionally also proved to be a very effective strategy.

Hilbers further elaborates:

"The key factor for our successful NPS story is to anchor customer centricity in the whole organization. In order to achieve this, an important strategic decision was to pull down silo working by establishing cross-functional customer journey teams to drive the outer loop with major improvements on process optimization and digitization. At the same time, we established Touchpoint Owners to improve the inner loop together with different teams in the whole company. Customer feedback helps our teams secure continuous optimization and digitalization in order to drive NPS as the baseline for a successful customer experience."

Customer Centricity Drives Improvement

PŸUR has made significant changes to their business based on customer feedback. However, they noticed that some customers were not aware of these improvements. This prompted PŸUR to communicate more effectively about its focus on "customer centricity". The company also implemented a storytelling microsite that shows customers how their NPS feedback has led to meaningful improvements. The customer experience (CX) microsite also includes videos that further illustrate these improvements.

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