Delighting customers through an outstanding digital experience

“We have given our employees the tools to listen to the needs and expectations of our customers, to tune in to the customer voice anywhere, in real time. This allows us to offer an excellent and consistent customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.”

Sophie Grugier

SVP, Customer Satisfaction & Quality Schneider Electric

With a global presence and more than 135,000 employees working across 115 countries worldwide, Schneider Electric’s goal is to empower people and companies to make the most of energy and resources. Offering a vast range of products and solutions to both customers and prospects, is a key part of Schneider’s customer journey. 

The company recognizes that listening carefully to customers is crucial to understanding their needs so that Schneider can help customers find the right product information, easily and efficiently. With the global complexity of having many country websites with different products in specific languages, Schneider knew they needed to delight customers through an outstanding digital experience.

Schneider uses Medallia to capture customer feedback signals across 80+ country websites, easily diagnosing and fixing problem areas, increasing Net Satisfaction Scores by 34 points within the first two years of launch.

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