LATAM unifies the passenger journey to elevate customer experience

LATAM stands as a prominent airline, annually transporting over 62 million passengers to 144 destinations across all five continents. In 2018, the company set out to measure and manage the key stages of their customer journey, embracing a fresh new challenge. There are multiple points of contact for a single trip: Web/digital channels, airport, flight, and contact center. LATAM now measures customer satisfaction and NPS across all touchpoints using the same methodology. 

In addition, LATAM sought to listen to their customers’ voices by deploying Medallia, giving senior management and frontline staff visibility into how their daily work directly impacts customer satisfaction. In 2023, they received 16,000+ videos from passengers sharing their flight experiences. Notably, 44% of them declare themselves as promoters.

LATAM has also set up a Close the Loop process that currently allows 39 executives and leaders within the company to engage directly with customers to express gratitude for their loyalty and to address any issues they might have encountered. Throughout 2023, they’ve reached out to more than 6,000 customers following their flight experiences, generating a strongly positive response among involved customers. 

This signifies that LATAM now consistently maintains a unified perspective of the passenger across all touchpoints. As a result, LATAM increased NPS by an average of 23 points in four years, while contact center satisfaction increased by 50 points and digital satisfaction by 30 points since the program started.

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