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Putting the customer at the center of ecommerce experiences at Walmart Mexico

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The Medallia Experience Cloud enables retailers to understand the “why” behind customer feedback scores. Medallia’s Text Analytics solution uniquely provides aggregated insights on written comments to enable organizations to better understand the reasons behind the scores, and what to do about it.

It was Medallia’s Text Analytics capabilities that were the game-changer for Walmart Mexico. The e-commerce team was finally able to identify topics and sentiment in native Spanish, rather than other solutions they tested in the past that rely on imperfect translation engines. 

Josue Berlanga, Director of Customer Care & Customer Experience at Walmart Mexico says, “Once we began hearing what our customers were saying in their own words, and taking action at both the store and corporate level, the journey really began,”

Berlanga noted that Walmart Mexico’s customer experience program has expanded to cover each step in the customer journey. At each step, the investment has proven positive ROI and increased NPS. He went on to share that, “Now we have text analytics and alerts in real-time. In just a couple years we did a quantum leap. For me it was an honor to be involved in implementing Medallia and putting the customer at the center of every decision.”

Source: Putting the Customer at the Center of eCommerce Experiences

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