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CAA increases customer satisfaction by improving service efficiencies

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Increase in response rates


Overall satisfaction by response time


Increase in Roadside NPS during COVID-19

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The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has always been very focused on customer satisfaction, but noticed that although they have always had high NPS scores, lack of data insights result in decisions being made based on assumptions. CAA found the need to better understand data in their organization so they can make better business decisions and identify areas for continuous improvement.

CAA leverages Medallia to understand and enhance the experience its customers have with its Emergency Roadside Assistance Service, contact center agents, retail locations and it’s website. CAA uses Medallia Experience Cloud to identify and react to ever changing customer expectations and set goals to meet those expectations. The company is using closed-loop processes and coaching of individual employees to develop understanding and empathy for customers’ needs to optimize their experiences. Text Analytics helps them understand common issues that occur, enabling CAA to solve problems quickly.

With Medallia, CAA has seen their response rate increase to 46%, enabling them to get more insights, make better business decisions and close the loop. Members’ Overall Satisfaction by response time is very high at 87% and CAA has also seen positive feedback during the COVID-19 outbreak with a 5 point increase in Roadside NPS.

- Jeff Walker, President and CEO, CAA North & East Ontario

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