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Medallia for
Location-Based Operations

Engage every local team to delivery excellence

Empower every team to deliver excellent customer experiences

Every location — whether it’s a retail store, hotel, dealership, branch, or other service point — is a meeting place for your brand, run by a local team. Medallia engages those teams with customized views of the customer experience so they can deliver excellence and learn from each customer interaction.

Deliver consistent customer experiences everywhere

Real-time information helps you monitor and manage customer feedback in order to ensure consistent, high performance in all your locations. Use our technology at any scale to connect hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of service employees to the customer experience they deliver.

Tune in to local customer needs

One size does not always fit all. Empower leaders across your brand to tailor experiences that engage and excite customers on the local level. Location-level feedback and analytics can surface CX insights on local markets and allow leaders to measure the effectiveness of their decisions.

Engage frontline employees

Arm your team with opportunities for self-improvement every step of the way. They crave it, and there’s no better teacher than the customer. Medallia engages every frontline employee with personalized customer feedback, so they can learn and get better every day.

Make it right when things go wrong

With Medallia, customer feedback for each location is routed instantaneously to the relevant team members so they can follow up with them personally. Using our mobile app, managers often reach out before the customer gets home, defusing problems before they risk going viral.

Uncover ideas and innovate faster

Combine machine and human learning to surface the most valuable CX improvements across locations. Use text analytics to mine comments from customer feedback tools to identify themes linked to strong and weak performance. Pair that with the wisdom of the crowd by having frontline teams tag and elevate ideas while closing the loop.


Engaging Customers Through Social Media: Making it Operational

Learn about leveraging distributed, location-based teams to engage in dialogue with customers at scale  across social channels.


"While being customer-centric has always been Tory Burch’s mission, having Medallia and these tools has helped us quantify how the customer sees us and how we can better deliver transformational experiences.”

Matt Marcotte
SVP Global Retail, Tory Burch

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