October 03, 2012

Medallia Helps Retailers Control Online Reputation by Acting on Social Feedback

Medallia expands its market-leading social feedback product to retail industry

PALO ALTO, Calif., October 3, 2012 — Medallia, the global leader in Customer Experience Management software, today launched Social Feedback for Retail, a solution that distills millions of social reviews into simple actions that companies can take to respond to customers and improve social reputation. The solution lets any retail location compare all of its social scores to those of local competitors, and helps improve social rank.

The new product builds on Medallia’s significant momentum in social feedback. In October 2011, Medallia launched Social Feedback for Hospitality, which more than 10,000 hotels now use. They have increased their total social reviews by as much as 300% and their social scores by as much as 20%.

Medallia currently manages web, receipt, and mobile-based customer feedback programs for 12,000+ retail stores, including Sony, Sephora, and Sherwin-Williams. The company expects rapid adoption of Social Feedback for Retail by its existing customer base as well as new customers.

“When I show CMOs our social feedback product, their eyes light up. They compulsively want to compare their social scores to competitors’ scores, location by location,” said Borge Hald, CEO of Medallia. “They see how easy we make it for their frontline employees to communicate personally with customers. The hundreds of stores that have been using our beta version describe it as their most powerful tool for improving social reputation.”

Medallia’s massive database of social reviews allows store managers to instantly benchmark their locations against competitors down the street or across the globe. In-product Text Analytics breaks down millions of comments to automatically unearth insights and help companies stay ahead of emerging issues.

Social Feedback is tightly integrated into Medallia’s larger feedback platform. “Integration greatly benefits our customers,” said Sam Keninger, Director of Product Marketing at Medallia. “We ask survey respondents to share their feedback on social media, increasing total reviews. And we route every review to the right person in the organization so they can respond directly to the customer.”