February 20, 2020

Medallia Completes Acquisition of Video Feedback Platform, LivingLens

Combination Delivers Rich Visual Insights, Emotion, Sentiment Analysis to Drive Continuous Experience Improvements, Loyalty and Revenue

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Feb. 20, 2020 – Medallia, Inc. (NYSE: MDLA), the global leader in experience management, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Liverpool-based video feedback platform provider, LivingLens. 

The addition of LivingLens will add rich customer insights to the signals Medallia Experience Cloud already collects and analyzes for actionable customer and employee experience. Today’s businesses want to deliver exceptional experiences. With LivingLens, employees across all verticals can tap into powerful emotional insights that inspire empathy and action.  

“The acquisition of LivingLens super charges our position as a leading experience management cloud platform company and will provide brands with the ability to capture and analyze video and voice. Emotion and sentiment provide powerful insights into customer and employee feedback. These critical signals bring organizations closer to a complete understanding of their customers and employees wants and needs,” said Leslie Stretch, chief executive officer at Medallia.  

Founded in 2014, the video feedback platform company was created to humanize feedback by bringing the voice of the employee and customer to life to spur business transformation. 

About Medallia

Medallia (NYSE: MDLA) is the pioneer and market leader in Experience Management. Medallia’s award-winning SaaS platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees and citizens. Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, digital and IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results. Using Medallia Experience Cloud, customers can reduce churn, turn detractors into promoters and buyers, and create in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, providing clear and potent returns on investment.


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About LivingLens

LivingLens helps the world’s best brands, insight specialists and technology providers work with video feedback at scale by analyzing the data contained within speech, sentiment, emotion and objects. The LivingLens video intelligence platform automatically extracts insights and identifies key themes that navigate to meaningful content quickly, facilitating powerful stories to inspire action and drive change within organizations. LivingLens was founded in 2014 in Liverpool, and has offices in London, New York and Toronto. For more information visitLivingLens.tv

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