Letter From Our CEO

From the global pandemic to racial injustices, economic turmoil and political unrest, the past year has been full of challenge and controversy. At Medallia, we believe feedback makes us all better. Our mission is to help organizations create a culture that values every person and every experience. We believe that everyone working at Medallia should enjoy an experience that enriches their life. We also believe that in producing a portfolio of cloud technology solutions we should be aware of our actions and their impact so that they contribute positively to our planet, society and our families’ wellbeing.

As I reflect on how we have worked toward these goals in the beginning years as a public company, I am pleased with the steps we have taken. But there is much more to do. In March 2020, like many companies around the world, we confronted the realities of the global pandemic. COVID-19 has left an indelible mark on every facet of our lives. From how we work to the way we interact with family and friends, the world was changed overnight. At the same time, we are seeing exponential changes in the deployment and use of digital technologies.

As our employees pivoted to working from home, we extended and enhanced benefits and access to mental health programs. We implemented flexible work arrangements for employees caring for children and other family members. We used our own technology to stay connected and to listen to our teams as their needs changed with the increased intensity of this emerging all-virtual world.

We witnessed the ugly history of systemic racism and police brutality thrust to the forefront after the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. It is our clear point of view that these atrocities find their roots in a divided society and systemic inequality. So, we committed to driving change within Medallia, working to create a more equitable environment where people from all backgrounds can thrive. 

To make our company stronger and to reflect the communities and customers we serve, we shared our workforce demographics publicly. Then, we set firm goals to grow the percentage of Black U.S. employees to match at least that of society and the 2019 Census. We added two new positions within our People and Culture team to focus on this initiative and have increased our outreach and recruiting efforts to minority communities. We added an eminent African American business leader to our Board of Directors. We Increased funding to our Employee Resource Groups, and made donations to causes chosen by our Black Medallians. We also accelerated work and product support with nonprofits, educational institutions, and state and local governments to create more equitable experiences nationwide. Additionally, we invested in training for all employees on topics like “Managing Unconscious Bias” and “Ally Skills,” gave our employees additional time off to reflect or volunteer, and introduced a town hall series featuring a diverse range of expert speakers to encourage learning and discussion.

We know we will be stronger and better as a more diverse company. And, we know that we need to continue to focus our efforts on diversity and inclusion. We need to give our attention to Q Field, the LGBTQ+ community at Medallia. Technology workplaces are still challenging places for those who identify as LGBTQ+. And, as I write this, Asian Americans, another important Medallia community, have come under attack in certain parts of the U.S. We must do all we can to make our company an open, welcoming, and safe space for everyone. We know an inclusive workplace will help us attract team members, and a diversity of experiences and viewpoints will challenge us all to be better.

In addition to social and political upheaval, the past year saw assaults on democracy, the dramatic effects of aggressive climate change, and widespread natural disasters. Through it all, our employees remained steadfast in supporting our customers and partners as they fought through these challenges.

We intend to lead by example, with policies and practices that promote ethics and integrity, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, and social impact. These efforts are driven by employees who use their voices and dedicate their time to promoting positive change across Medallia, among our partner community, within our customer base, and around the world.

We want to be known as a company that does the right thing, no matter the challenge or controversy. We value every person, and every experience.

While I am proud of our team, and I am pleased to share these accomplishments with you, I am mindful that we have made very small moves. I am aware that we need to do much more than pay lip service to diversity and inclusion. I believe that our environmental and social goals and our associated efforts must be considered as part of our makeup, part of the fabric that ties every Medallian together. There is a lot of work to do, and in 2021 we need to get to work more intensely than ever. This will be important for our employees, customers and shareholders, all of whom will benefit from our approach to what I believe will turn out to be the most important agenda of our time.

Best regards,

Leslie Stretch

President and CEO
May 2021