Webinar Recording

How ESPN Reduced Agent Attrition & Improved CSAT with a Feedback-Driven Culture

Building a strong contact center culture is no simple feat. It's difficult to ensure agents are properly trained, inspire them to create the absolute best customer experiences, and recognize them for their efforts.

How can you improve both customer satisfaction and agent retention in this post-pandemic, digital-first age?

Follow this next-level playbook created by ESPN! They created a feedback-driven culture across their organization using Medallia's Frontline Engagement & Quality Management tool. This playbook quickly generated powerful results:

  • An annual agent attrition rate of 8% YoY
  • A 91% CSAT score MoM & YoY
  • Optimized customer contact channels, and more

In this webinar, ESPN leaders share how they were able to achieve these results with Medallia so you can borrow their playbook and drive improvements across your contact center.