Webinar Recording

Boosting CX Impact through Personalization ft. Walgreens & Fred Reichheld

Personalization has quickly risen as a top priority for brands as they work to increase engagement, trust, and customer loyalty — driving an emotional connection and true differentiation in a vastly competitive marketplace.

Watch this exciting meeting of the minds to hear these CX leaders break down the impressive impact of personalization on business outcomes, while getting to the heart of when, where, and how to actually use it.

Hear from Tracey Brown, EVP and President of Walgreens Retail and Chief Customer Officer at Walgreens, and Fred Reichheld, Co-founder of the Net Promoter System and an Advisory Partner at Bain. In this fireside chat, our panel of experts share:

  • Key considerations when determining your investment in personalization
  • The critical role every employee plays in a successful personalization strategy
  • How to evaluate success and refine your strategies for continuous improvement