Webinar Recording

Discovery Demo: Create Digital Experiences that Keep Customers Coming Back

This Discovery Demo showcase the Medallia Digital Suite – the only platform that combines actionable user feedback metrics with complete behavioral data to help organizations understand and optimize digital experiences in real time. During this session you’ll see how businesses can:

  • Identify digital issues and quantify their revenue impact -- Medallia provides real-time visibility into where experiences break down, insights into how much revenue issues may be costing, and direct customer feedback and suggestions about how to improve.
  • Optimize mobile app experiences -- With Medallia's Digital Suite, mobile app developers get the same powerful toolset to tap into user feedback and behavior, with mobile app specific capabilities such as scroll heatmaps, error tracking, and app store review management built in.
  • Smooth complex, multi-channel journeys -- Customer Experience teams have easy visibility into the digital signals they need to help make customers feel known, no matter where they are interacting with the brand.
  • Deploy AI and machine learning (ML) technology to better understand customer buying behavior -- With Medallia AI and ML, teams can analyze the totality of experience data to find insights into why customers buy, and why they don't.

The session includes a demo of the platform and case study examples. Watch today to discover how you can optimize the online experience for your visitors.