Visualize on-page trends at scale to understand how visitors are engaging with your websites and apps using Medallia’s heatmaps. 

See where visitors are focusing 

Immediately understand where engagement is highest 

Focus on what you need to know

Whether it’s clicks, conversions, behaviors, or focus time 

Make data-driven decisions 

Compare heatmaps side-by-side for smarter A/B testing 

Adjust for your audience 

Uncover what customers want, and give it to them 

Visualize customer behavior, realize faster ROI 

Understand everything that happens on your digital properties. Medallia tracks traditional heatmap metrics such as clicks, hovers, conversion, and revenue, while also surfacing deeper insights, such as the sentiment of your users as they interact with on-page content. 

Access session replays directly from heatmaps in a single click. This seamless workflow makes it easy to quickly understand and resolve emerging trends. 

Get insight into every type of interaction

Access a comprehensive suite of heatmaps to track every on-page interaction, including: 

  • Behavioral - track sentiment across on-page elements 
  • Scroll & Dot - visualize on-page clicks and scroll activity 
  • Attribution - identify content that drives conversion and revenue 
  • Hybrid/Attention - discover what elements draw customer focus

Know your audience, optimize performance 

Give your customers exactly what they want. View different audience segments or types of heatmaps side-by-side to analyze A/B tests and optimize high-impact pages and screens. 

Use these insights to optimize key steps in your visitor’s journey, such as campaign landing pages, package offerings, self-help pages, and checkout pages. 

Case Study

How Amadeus Increased Clicks by 100% with Medallia 

Learn how Amadeus increased conversion and engagement rates by +100% through data-informed layout changes with Medallia. 

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