Understand & act on the experience of every digital visitor

Get visibility into every user's experience to identify your biggest opportunities for growth

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“We found actionable, powerful insights from Medallia DXA just three days after integrating with our feedback tool. That’s a 100% return on investment in one week.” 

Alexander Hamilton

Global Head of Digital Business Intelligence, Fidelity International

The secret to consistent, exceptional digital experiences at scale 

Delivering flawless digital experiences is essential to attracting and retaining online customers. But creating these experiences is tough when so many customers don’t provide any feedback on what was good or bad.  

Get 100% visibility into every digital customer experience—and how to act on it—with Medallia DXA. Automatically scoring every experience, Medallia DXA instantly uncovers the biggest opportunities to improve your digital presence, strengthen customer relationships, and generate more revenue. 

Understand every visitor experience 

Automatically score every online experience with Medallia’s Digital Experience Score (DXS), an objective score that calculates the quality of every user’s experience on a scale of 0-10. DXS identifies and prioritizes the biggest experience issues costing you revenue, and the largest opportunities you have for growth. 

DXS analyzes five key pillars of digital experience: frustration, engagement, navigation, technical, and form. Medallia’s AI and machine learning calculates an individual score for each pillar, so you immediately know where your site needs improvement. 

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Get an end-to-end understanding of customer journeys 

Dive deeper into online experiences and visualize exactly how and why customers behave certain ways using visualization tools like session replays, heatmaps, and customer journey analytics for quick time to insight and impact. 

  • Session Replays: Get to the root cause of uncovered anomalies by watching the screen recordings of your online visitors 
  • Heatmaps: Visualize on-page user behavior to increase engagement and conversion
  • Customer Journeys: See the exact paths users take and evaluate their online experiences every step of the way 

Identify issues and uncover opportunities for growth

Identify easy opportunities for revenue across your digital properties. Medallia automatically surfaces the top 100 pages on your website that are costing you revenue, in order of importance, so you know where to prioritize your resources to drive impact. 

Quickly uncover the root cause behind every experience issue with session replays so you can create an action plan and take immediate steps toward resolution. 

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Help customers in-the-moment 

Trigger real-time actions, such as live chat or engagement surveys, based off digital behaviors like frustration or engagements, to give customers the exact content and support they need, when they need it. 

Analyze aggregate customer data to create smarter segments that help you re-engage customers with the right content, promotions, and messaging to increase customer lifetime. 

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Enhance your martech stack with smart insights about digital experiences 

Push digital insights into your martech stack to enrich your favorite analytics, A/B testing, and customer management tools, so you can create advanced segments and personalize future communications based on previous digital behaviors. 

See a complete list of Medallia’s integration partners, or take a deep dive into our Premier Partnership with Adobe. As the only premier partner in the Digital Analytics space, Medallia’s digital tools unlock value from Adobe Experience Cloud you can’t find anywhere else.   

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