February 28, 2019

Medallia Launches Healthcare Practice to Meet Demand for Healthcare Experience Excellence

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Medallia, Inc. (www.medallia.com), the global Experience Management leader announced today the opening of a dedicated Healthcare Practice that is committed to one mission: to use patient and employee feedback in order to accelerate transformation, thereby driving competitive differentiation within the healthcare industry.

Many providers, payers, and global ancillary companies, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical device, have already chosen Medallia to support them through their customer experience (CX) transformation and now with the support of leaders fluent in Healthcare Experience (HX), Medallia will launch its Healthcare Practice.

Medallia for Healthcare enables organizations to:

  • Reduce experiential variation across the patient journey
  • Identify & lower provider burnout
  • Triage risk and quality lapses in real-time
  • Empower employees to take action on feedback and track within the system
  • Compress the number of point solutions into a single platform
  • Improve interoperability between EMR, ERP, HR, and other enterprise solutions
  • Prioritize strategic initiatives based on the impact
  • Conduct rapid innovation testing
  • Transition from market research to a fully Operational Engagement Model

Technology has transformed the way healthcare companies engage with their patients and providers. Medallia has partnered with healthcare companies for over a decade and experienced significant demand for solutions that traverse scale, integrations, and security, going beyond traditional point solutions, like rounding tools and market research. Simplifying patient journeys within healthcare is a strategic and competitive advantage that will allow companies to stabilize and grow market share, drive revenues, and improve patient outcomes.

“Patients do not compare their healthcare experiences to others they have within healthcare. They compare them to exceptional experiences with those in retail, hospitality, and technology. Currently, there is an enormous opportunity for healthcare organizations to leverage technology to meet and exceed patient and provider experiences,” said Sonny Cano, General Manager, Medallia Healthcare Practice. “Our Medallia Experience Cloud™ is an agile and powerful SaaS platform that uniquely fuses human and machine learning to reveal valuable and complex insights like patient sentiment. Regardless of the application, our HX technology can sift through massive data volumes to reveal vital information that can impact the patient or provider significantly.”

Members of the Medallia Healthcare Practice
As Medallia’s Healthcare Practice GM, Sonny brings 10 years of expertise working with healthcare systems and payers prior to joining Medallia in 2017. He has driven customer-focused transformation with complex and strategic clients and continues to leverage his expertise by translating CX and Employee Experience (EX) best practices into healthcare.

Belinda K. Simmons will serve as Medallia’s Healthcare Practice Lead. Belinda built and implemented Medallia’s largest and most successful practice – Medallia for Contact Center. She has extensive experience in driving adoption, transformation, and change management, as well as building and evolving CEM programs across all verticals.

“The healthcare industry is experiencing significant disruption, especially for providers. Our innovative technology enables our clients to analyze and act in real-time. Medallia consistently has had a strong customer base across multiple verticals. We’re excited to apply these learnings alongside our healthcare expertise and empower organizations to leverage experience as a competitive differentiator,” said Simmons.

In addition, Julie Keller, Principal, and Lauren Leland Brand, Principal, will bring additional healthcare experience to the practice. Julie’s background is the intersection of healthcare and CX. Prior to Medallia, Julie spent over a decade working with adult and pediatric populations. She currently works with Medallia’s largest healthcare client developing solutions that drive business outcomes.

Lauren has worked across some of Medallia’s most complex healthcare clients, including onboarding the first provider client. Prior to Medallia, she worked in management consulting where her clients included large payer and provider systems, helping them to implement CX strategies as a competitive differentiator.

Today Medallia’s Healthcare customers include two of the top five healthcare payers, one of the largest providers in North America, one of the largest pharmacies in the U.S.,  and two of the top five leading medical device companies in the U.S.

Members of the Medallia Healthcare Practice will attend the following events in 2019, and we hope to see you there:

To learn more about Medallia HX, please contact us here.

About Medallia

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