Transforming live experiences with the voice of the audience

Since 1879, Madison Square Garden (MSG) has lifted spirits with live experiences on the world’s greatest stages. Previously, MSG had no way of listening to the voice of its guests. MSG partnered with Medallia to implemented a customer experience program with a quick, agile, test and learn approach.

MSG was able to draw actionable insights within the first week of the new program going live, and make impactful, feedback-driven improvements from one show to the next. To get effective feedback around how changes are received, MSG frequently adds custom questions to the Medallia survey that attendees receive post-show.

The program has driven better overall guest experiences and contributed to improvements around entry, concessions, merchandise, staff training, and show operations. Most importantly, the program has made MSG more responsive, personal, and connected to fans and employees alike.

Source: Case Study: The Madison Square Garden and Medallia optimize iconic live event experiences

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